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Covid-19 Vaccine Registration National University

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration National University
National University Student Covid-19 Vaccine, NU Corona Vaccine Online Registration 2021 is ongoing. Every student who reads in National University affiliated colleges has to submit their information for getting the Covid-19 vaccine free. So are you a NU Honors, Degree, or Masters student? In this case, you must register for Covid-19 vaccine on behalf of your college connected with the National University.

National University Corona Vaccine for Student

Students at the National University have been instructed to send information regarding corona vaccination. Go to the link, fill the Corona Registration form and submit it by July 19.

The directive, issued on Friday (July 9th), said the matter was of national importance and the principals of the affiliated colleges were urged to ensure that the information table of the students of their respective colleges was filled.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration Notice

NU Covid Vaccine Registration Notice

NU Covid Vaccine Registration New Notice

NU Covid Vaccine Registration New Notice

What is Required for the Registration?

The following information will be required for the National University Student Covid vaccine registration.

1. Registration Number,

2. National Identity Card (NID) Number,

3. Valid Mobile number,

How To Register For NU Corona Virus Vaccine?

National University NU students can submit their own information for Coronavirus vaccine registration.

Step 1: Visit NU Vaccine Registration Website - and Enter your NU Registration Number.

How To Register For NU Corona Virus Vaccine?

Step 2: You will be able to see your information by verifying your information from here. Mobile Number, NID Number, Covid-19 Vaccine taken if you have been vaccinated? Give Yes and if not, give No.

Then submit.

How To Register For NU Corona Virus Vaccine?

If successfully submitted, such a message will come.

Covid-19 Student Registration Data (You Registration No.) submitted successfully!

How To Register For NU Corona Virus Vaccine?

How to change the application?

If for any reason you have given incorrect information or even if you have not taken the vaccine, you have selected "Yes" or the application can be corrected for any other mistake on NU Covid Registration. For this, you have to cancel your previous application and apply again to the National university Covid Vaccine Registration.

To cancel the application, write the details and mail to if your mail, then the university authorities will cancel your previous application. Even if you contact your college, the college authorities will be Reject your Previous Application. After cancellation, you have to apply again.

After Completion the NU Vaccine Registration

The National University will issue a notice about the vaccination time. This notice will be published when the application deadline. Students will be informed about nu recent notice.

FAQ NU Covid Vaccine Registration for Students

Q: What is the age limit for NU vaccine registration?

A: Students of any age can register, Only he/she has to be compulsorily a student of any year of the National University,

Q: Will there be any problem if I do not register?

A: It is not compulsory. However, if you do not register for the coronavirus vaccine, the National University will not be responsible for your vaccination.

Q: Can degree pass or private students register?

A: Yes. Honours, Masters, Degree Pass courses, Professionals and Private students of any college affiliated to the National University will be able to register.

Q: If I submit with my registration number, the data is not found?

A: Try again. Or contact your college authorities. You can also contact Email ( for any information.

Q: I do not have a national identity card. Can I register without a NID number?

A: National Identity Card number is mandatory for NU corona vaccine registration. Registration is not possible without NID.

Q. How can I correct My NU Corona Vaccine Registration if I am doing any mistakes or provide any misinformation?

A: You can be Correct your NU Corona Vaccine Registration by canceling the Previous one. You need to mail to by describing your Problem. After that, they will be canceling your Previous Registration and you can be registered.

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